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Sustainability & Bill’s

It’s in our genes to responsibly manage our resources to help our people, guests and planet.

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Our teams are always conscious of our carbon footprint. Making sure we run our restaurants as efficiently as possible with as low an impact on the environment as possible, is all part of our green mission. As well as supporting national events such as Earth Hour UK, we have also put a number of processes in place within our restaurants to ensure we take steps to become more eco friendly each day and we continue to look to improve these.

Saying no to plastic straws

We’re very proud to say that we have now completely removed plastic straws from all 81 of our restaurants. We understand how much of an impact plastic is having on our planet, so we are working hard to limit the ise of plastics in our restaurants and throughout our whole business. If you ever do need a straw, just ask one of our team members and they’ll be able to offer you a biodegradable alternative.

Who lays our eggs?

At Bill's, we only deal with suppliers that can provide whole eggs that are from hens that are happy, healthy and free to roam. The same is true of those supplying food and ingredients that contain whole eggs, for example, egg mayonnaise.

The majority of the products containing eggs that we buy are also free range. We are currently working with all our suppliers to make sure they only supply free range eggs for all the products we serve and are collaborating with them to agree that this will happen by the end of 2019.

We work with two British suppliers who source our eggs from trusted local family farms so that we can guarantee welfare and traceability. Our egg suppliers abide by RSPCA Assured farm welfare standards and Bill’s are proud to carry the British Lion quality mark on our eggs.

We regularly independently audit our supply base.

Bill's and Sugar

At Bill’s we have been actively reviewing the sugar content in our drinks, especially those which are more frequently consumed by our younger guests. Our Pink lemonade has 37% less sugar than it did a year ago and we have removed our pink soda float from the menu which had high levels of sugar. We also offer light tonic and Coke Zero.

For guests looking to make healthier choices, for both themselves and their children, we have published our nutritional data on our website to give full transparency. In addition, as part of our new children’s menu we are now offering houmous with cucumber and carrots sticks as a starter for all children and for dessert, strawberries and bananas with optional chocolate sauce.

We are currently reviewing our children’s menu as well as working with our suppliers to reduce our salt, sugar and fat content further.

Bill’s Green Mission

A year ago we launched Bill’s Green Mission. Its aim was to bring energy saving, recycling and sustainability into the heart of our restaurants and we now have 126 Green Rangers in our restaurants supporting our campaigns such as the ones below.

Recyclable coffee cups

Our take away coffee cups are 100% recyclable, meaning that no matter how many times a week you pop by and pick one up, you can rest assured that your coffee cups don’t have to end up in landfill.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

We always recycle day-to-day items within our restaurants where possible. Examples of this currently include cardboard boxes, glass, ink cartridges, paper and food waste.

Saving paper

So far we have reduced our paper usage in our restaurants by 50% by changing much of our daily and weekly paperwork processes online, avoiding printing and paper waste. This is something we continue to look at with the goal of minimizing all other paper-based processes within the restaurant and our head office.

Cutting back on energy

We constantly strive to run our restaurants as efficiently as possible and save energy where we can. We have now replaced all of our restaurant light bulbs with LEDs and installed on site technology to track energy usage as well as altering extraction fan speeds to reflect trade levels . We train our team members to use energy consciously and are constantly reviewing new technology to see where it can help us save more.

Water bottle refills

Our most recent project has seen us sign up to support ‘Refill’. Refill is an app that allows you to find local businesses that will happily refill your water bottle for you, therefore encouraging a shift away from buying plastic water bottles. All of our restaurants are now available on the app and offer this service, something to remember when you are next out and about or dining with us!