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The Final Straw

It’s official, the reign of the plastic straw is over.

We have now officially removed plastic straws from all 82 of our restaurants as part of our Bill’s Green Mission. Most of our drinks are now served without a straw all together but those that may need one are served with either paper or PUA alternatives, both of which are fully biodegradable (if your drink doesn’t come with one of these straws, you can of course request one if you want one!). This is a relatively new initiative which commits to running the business more efficiently and with the lowest environmental impact.

We’ve put together a team of 124 Bill’s Green Rangers, made up of volunteers across the company. These Green Rangers are responsible are making it their mission to inform our restaurant teams about our Green Mission sustainability campaigns. The end goal being to encourage all members of the business to suggest ideas of their own, and be part of the move towards greater sustainability.

We introduced biodegradable coffee cups back in 2016, and are currently working on a plan to reduce Bill’s energy usage by 10% over the next year. Eighty per cent of Bill’s drinks menu is currently straw-free, and the remaining 20% will come with biodegradable PLA alternatives from mid-February.

Other sustainability commitments already in place as part of the programme include:

  •  Use of LED lightbulbs in all areas
  • Food recycling in 50 restaurants
  • Recycling ink cartridges throughout the company
  • Installing mains-fed water coolers in all restaurants for staff water to prevent purchase of single use plastic bottles
  • Moving as much paper based restaurant work as possible online to reduce paper and ink use
  • On site technology to track energy waste, control extraction fans and fridge temperatures to reduce energy usage

We are keen to work on these initiatives as the environment is a subject close to the hearts of both our staff and customers. We plan on adopting more and better sustainable business practices where we can – changes that our customers are becoming increasingly vocal and passionate about, and rightly so!

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