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As our mascot for Beat the Blues 2018, we thought it only fair that we shed some light on who Frank is and what makes him so cute.

Frank the dog is four years old and Bill’s trusty companion. He’s almost always trotting alongside him on photo and video shoots, curled up under the table at meetings, and generally warming hearts.

Frank’s an extremely kind dog, he’s never down and is always pleased to see people and socialise. So much so, whenever Bill meets a person with these characteristics, he calls them Frank.

Here’s 5 facts about our Beat the Blues mascot that are a little less well known…

  1. Frank understands a large range of hand signals, including many basic commands. This means there’s no need to ask him to sit, just point to the floor and he’ll understand exactly what he’s being asked to do.
  2. Frank is a cross between a white haired Dachshund and a Maltese (which explains why he’s so handsome).
  3. Like most dogs, Frank hates the postman.
  4. Frank loves taking trips on the train and regularly ventures into London with Bill during the week.
  5. The only thing that Frank enjoys more than a train journey, is a cup of tea. Yes, you heard us right… a cup of tea!

Keep an eye on Bill’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts throughout January for Beat the Blues updates and details on how you can be in with a chance of winning hundred’s of lovely prizes.